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Smart Shipping Is Here, For real.
Great pricing with reliable carriers only.
TRUE customer service, we’re not just a rate engine!

Why is Interlink your best option?

Besides being a leader in prices and service, we understand the LTL industry from A to Z.

We have the tools and knowledge that allow us to soften the tough LTL ride to our customers.

We care about your shipments! We’re constantly on top of every shipment, providing daily reports to our customers.

About us

Based out of Laredo, TX, the most important inland port between the US the Mexico, where an average of 12,500 trucks cross the border each day, Interlink was born on September 2010 rapidly becoming the best supply chain solutions provider in the industry. Our expertise on transportation and trade gives us this advantage over our competitors.

We’re a family owned business who strive for customer satisfaction. That’s our goal, every time, all the time.