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The Interlink Difference

We consider ourselves a moderator between the customer and the carrier. We translate the complicated carrier language in order for the customer to understand it and plan their shipments accordingly. Consider ourselves a logistics department within your company. 

Aggressive Pricing

• We provide excellent LTL prices without putting aside the performance level of our carriers. Our carriers are the best in the industry.

Quality customer service

• We not just offer great pricing, we also care about giving the best customer service. We keep the customer informed about the status of their shipments on a daily basis, we give them tips about packaging, routing, weather and other factors that not everyone takes into account and that helps to maintain the integrity of the freight and an on time delivery.


• We service 100% of the US, Canada and Mexico.


• We understand that every customer has different needs and we adapt to it. We make your work easy! 


• We provide REAL information about your shipments. Our customers always know what’s going on with their shipments. Most of our competitors give false information to the customer just to keep them “happy”; in other words, they fool the customer.


• Fast quotes, accurate billing, proof of deliveries, right choice of carrier per shipment. That’s us!

Continuous Improvement

• We’re constantly negotiating and discussing pricing with our carriers in order to keep up the performance and if possible,
get better pricing.